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1. Complete three beginner self-study courses.
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TELL. Our name and our Bible training method!

  1. Think

    Each TELL Bible study begins with the THINK section. THINK is a powerful introduction that gets students thinking about an interesting topic, or question.
  2. Evaluate

    The second section of TELL Bible study is called EVALUATE. EVALUATE brings more meaning to the lesson by identifying key characters, places and context in the material.
  3. Learn

    The third section of TELL Bible study is called LEARN. LEARN identifies the problem, sin, and the solution, Jesus, by digging deeper into the Bible and studying the scriptures.
  4. Lead

    The final section of TELL Bible study is called LEAD. LEAD equips students to fully understand scripture in a unique way to prepare them for sharing the gospel with others!

What Is Tell?

TELL is online bible based Christian leader training. We teach you how to teach others the saving message of the gospel! We offer unique Christian doctrine training with the TELL method and provide certificates of course completion along the way.

How Do I Begin? 

Complete the three self-study beginner courses here, or with the TELL app. Search TELL Network in your app store.

When you're ready, learn to lead a Bible study group of your own, by signing up for live online classes with a TELL instructor. We look forward to meeting you!

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