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What is TELL training?

TELL exists to train and equip men and women to know the Bible better and be able to teach it to others in their community. We pray that through our program our students will become Bible leaders, teaching others and sharing the good news of Jesus using the TELL method. 

Is TELL Network in any languages besides English?

The complete TELL program is available English and a similar program in Spanish. There is a partial curriculum available in Mandarin and Tagalog.

Are TELL courses always completely free?

Yes. TELL Network is completely free. Free at every level of study. We never charge for enrollment for any courses-Discipleship Level 1, or Multiplication Level 2. We will never ask for fees of any kind. TELL policy does not allow that money, goods or services are exchanged between students and TELL teachers, or administrators. 

If someone insists on collecting fees, or money on behalf of TELL Network, DO NOT pay. TELL does not give away money, or loans to students.

Where does the learning take place?

There are three levels of Christian Leader Training: Self-Led Beginner, Discipleship and MultiplicationSelf-Led happens on the TELL app, website, or WhatsApp (videos and quizzes forwarded by email, or WhatsApp). 

Discipleship (Level 1) and Multiplication (Level 2) training are done in live online classes with a TELL instructor. These courses are on video chat calls like Zoom. 

What are self-study courses?

Before you take live group Level 1 and 2 courses (Discipleship and Multiplication), you must first complete the self-study courses: Spiritual Healing, Truth Brings Peace and Introduction to the Bible

Self-Study courses can be taken on the TELL app, by email, or WhatsApp. Each course (Spiritual Healing, Truth Brings Peace and Introduction to the Bible) is 9 lessons. Each lesson includes a video with a required Bible reading. Stop the video to read the lesson’s Bible passages. Then continue watching the video to the end. On the TELL app, you will answer questions and compare your response with the provided answers. Via email, or WhatsApp, a TELL instructor will send questions and you will reply to each with your answer.

After you complete the third beginner course- Introduction to the Bible- you will receive a certificate (pdf) and you will be invited to join a live class with a TELL instructor for Discipleship Level 1 live online Bible Study.

How long does it take to complete the TELL curriculum?

You can learn at your own pace in the self-led courses beginner course (Spiritual Healing, Truth Brings Peace and Introduction to the Bible). The live instructor led courses usually take one month per course to complete. Discipleship Level 1 is 13 courses. Multiplication Level 2 is 5 courses. 

Once you log in to TELL Network for live instructor training, you can follow your course progress in the TELL Student Information Center. Your TELL instructor will give you log in information.

What happens after I complete each TELL course?

Students receive a certificate (pdf) of completion after each course. The TELL certificate acknowledges that the student has completed a TELL course, or curriculum. TELL certificates show that a student is prepared to share the Gospel by leading Bible study using the TELL method.