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What is TELL?

TELL is an E-Learning program that will teach you simple truths from God’s Word that you can share with others.

Learn as often as you can, any time you want. There are never any obligations and TELL’s curriculum is always free.

Why Learn with TELL?

Our instructors use the pure Word of God with nothing added or taken away. 

Our instructors have extensive knowledge of biblical languages, history, world religion and more. It’s their job to teach you the truth of the Bible and answer your personal questions about faith and religion. 

TELL also gives you the unique opportunity to advance your studies and train to become a certified TELL Bible Leader.

Let TELL Instructors explain the program below.


 Self-StudyDiscipleship LevelMultiplication Level
Share God's Word with Othersüüü
Finish Self-Study Classesüüü
Earn Certificatesüüü
Join Live Classes
Complete Coursework
Work with a Counselor

Become a Tell Bible Leader


Preview Course 1: Spiritual Healing below.

Then, WhatsApp TELL at +1 512 481 8752 to begin your quiz!

To prepare for the lesson, read John 8:1-11. The most important relationship of all? Your relationship with God.

To prepare for the lesson, read Genesis 22:1-18. Do you fear God? Jesus means there’s no reason to be afraid.

To prepare for the lesson, read 1 Samuel 17:1-47. Do you ignore God because of your own sinful pride? You can heal. Jesus makes a way!

To prepare for the lesson, read Luke 10:25-37. A healthy relationship with yourself means healing can happen with God’s help.

To prepare for the lesson, read Luke 19:1-10. What is true happiness? An faithful attitude is the path to healing.

To prepare for the lesson, read Matthew 26:69-75. Do you regret things you’ve done? We are all far from perfect. 

To prepare for the lesson, read Genesis 4:1-16. God loves and forgives us all. We will heal when we forgive others too.

To prepare for the lesson, read Acts 16:26-40. The right attitude can make a big change in our relationships with others.

To prepare for the lesson read John 20:1-10. Spiritual Healing means: a restored relationship with God, ourselves and others.