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How many courses are in the TELL Network curriculum?

TELL Network offers three levels of Bible study curriculum (21 courses) to prepare students to lead groups of their own. 

Entry Level: Self-Study Beginner Bible Study using the TELL Network app

Level 1: Discipleship Instructor-led Bible Study (Prerequisite-Student must complete entry level Beginner courses)

Level 2: Multiplication Instructor-led Bible Study (Prerequisite-Student must complete entry level Level 1 courses) 

What do you learn in the “Discipleship” level?

“Discipleship” level includes four series of classes: 

“The Bible” series

  • In the Beginning (Creation and Genesis - 8 lessons)
  • The Chosen Nation (Early Old Testament history - 8 lessons)
  • The Fallen Nation (Late Old Testament history - 8 lessons)
  • The Coming of the Savior (Birth and early ministry of Jesus - 8 lessons)
  • The Work of the Savior (Jesus’ late ministry, death and resurrection - 8 lessons)
  • The Early Church (Jesus’ ascension and early spread of Christianity - 8 lessons)

“Jesus’ Teachings” series

  • The Law and the Gospel (10 Commandments and application - 8 lessons)
  • The True God (God’s Essence & Attributes - 8 lessons)
  • The Sacraments and Prayer (Baptism, Lord’s Supper & prayer - 8 lessons)

“Fellowship” series

  • Legalism: Enemy of Grace (Avoiding Law & Gospel confusion - 9 lessons)
  • Spiritual Identification (Churches & doctrinal agreement - 8 lessons)

“The Word Grows” series

  • Living As A Disciple (What is a disciple and their characteristics? - 9 lessons)
  • The Disciple Makes Disciples (How does a disciple go and make disciples? - 8 lessons)

What do you learn in the “Multiplication” level?

If a TELL student successfully completes Discipleship level, has gathered a group of at least ten people for regular Bible study and decides to join TELL in doctrinal agreement, they are invited to Multiplication level courses.

In this level TELL will assign the student a counselor so that the student can have one-on-one mentoring about how to gather and grow a group. They will be guided on principles of worship, church life and outreach. The student, equipped with the knowledge and practice of the Discipleship level, will be trained to take the same materials they just learned and teach others. 

Multiplication level courses include two series: 

The Word Grows series

  • Multiplying Disciples (Book of Acts & its application for us - 8 lessons)
  • Multiplying Churches (Concept of church & its multiplication - 10 lessons)
  • Multiplying Ministers (Identify, call and engage others in ministry - 7 lessons)

We Worship the Lord series

  • Biblical Principles of Worship (Profound meaning of everything done in worship - 8 lessons)
  • Adoration in Practice (Implementing a concept of worship based on God’s Word - 8 lessons)

What happens after I complete each TELL course?

Students receive a certificate (pdf) of completion after each course. The TELL certificate acknowledges that the student has completed a TELL course, or curriculum. TELL certificates show that a student is prepared to share the Gospel by leading Bible study using the TELL method. 

Can I be visited by a TELL missionary?

Students who complete Discipleship Level 1, have gathered a group of at least ten people for regular Bible study and come into doctrinal agreement with TELL are assigned a counselor. If the student wishes to continue with Multiplication Level 2, there may be an opportunity for a visit by their TELL counselor. 

When possible, a counselor wants to meet with their TELL student in-person. However, due to circumstances globally and locally, some in-person visits are not possible at this time. 

Is TELL an online seminary for pastors? Do you offer a seminary degree?

TELL is not a seminary, but TELL is connected with a number of seminaries across the world. TELL courses are the first step on the path toward becoming a student of one of our seminaries.

TELL is connected with seminaries in Zambia, Malawi, Kenya, and Ethiopia that offer degrees. TELL is connected with the Pastoral Studies Institute (PSI). These seminaries are all recognized by the state or are working to become recognized.

Will TELL support my ongoing ministry?

Yes! TELL Network is a program of WELS Multi-Language Productions. We provide ministry resources in 54 languages. These include: Bible Teaching Series, and The Promise Evangelism Study available at no cost. Free to help TELL leaders continue learning. 

The real way TELL Network supports your ongoing ministry is our free Bible training and multiplication program. When you finish the Discipleship level, have gathered at least a group of ten people for regular Bible study, decide to join us in doctrinal agreement, you will receive a counselor. The counselor works closely with you one-on-one. He takes you step by step about how to gather a group, teach the Bible and multiply disciples. 

We want to keep our program free! Money, goods and services besides what is offered in the TELL program are not guaranteed as part of “support my ongoing ministry”.